Where to Buy Seeds

As strange as it may sound, we buy a lot of our seeds from eBay. Yes, eBay. My favorite seed seller is ohioheirloomseeds I have been purchasing his seeds for years and they always turn out great.

For herbs, we buy our seeds from Mountain Rose Herbs. From their website:

All of these medicinal seeds are certified organically grown with the exception to a few of the species. The few that are not certified organic were wild gathered seeds and harvested in their natural environment.

Here are some other places that have been recommend to us by friends…

Options: Heirloom herb, vegetable, and fruit seeds, medicinal seeds, sprouting seeds, and more

We have heard nothing but good things about this company and many of our friends purchase seeds and other emergency supplies from them.

Victory Seeds
Options: Heirloom and rare open-pollinated seeds

Again, we have heard numerous good things about this company.

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