Where to Buy Food Storage

There are dozens of places online to purchase food storage. Here is an overview of places we have actually shopped and taste-tested, along with our experiences ordering with them.

Emergency Essentials
Brands Carried: Mountain House, Provident Pantry, Provident Pantry MyChoice
Options: Dehydrated, Freeze Dried
Sizes: #10 cans, #2.5 “everyday” cans, super pails, kits, MREs

Our Review:
We have been ordering from Emergency Essentials for YEARS. In our experience, they have some of the lowest prices available for dehydrated and freeze-dried food in #10 cans. The monthly “Group Specials” are an especially great deal. The downside for us has been that they are frequently out of stock of many items and shipping isn’t always super fast. Customer Service has always been good for us. On one occasion we were shipped the wrong items and they promptly re-shipped out the correct items.

Honeyville Grain, Inc.
Brands Carried: Honeyville Farms
Options: Dehydrated, Freeze Dried, Gluten Free, Organic
Sizes: #10 cans, buckets

Our Review:
Honeyville has a great selection of items, including gluten free and organic options. The low shipping fee is a nice bonus for online shoppers, but if you live close to a Honeyville store product prices are lower in-store. TIP: Join their mailing list as they offer 10-20% off coupons throughout the year.

Augason Farms
Brands Carried: Augason Farms
Options: Dehydrated, Freeze Dried, Gluten Free
Sizes: #10 cans, #2.5 “everyday” cans, kits/buckets

Our Review:
We have never order directly from Augason Farms so I can’t speak for their Customer Service. Both our local Walmart and grocery store carry the Augason line so we purchase them there to save on shipping. Our favorite ting from here is their free-dried strawberries; very good price and my kids eat them like candy. TIP: Like their Facebook page if you are on Facebook. They offer frequent specials and a lot of giveaways to fans.

LDS Home Storage
Brands Carried: LDS
Options: Basics – wheat, rice, and beans
Sizes: #10 cans

Our Review:
We only buy basics like wheat, rice, and beans from the LDS cannery. The prices cannot be beat, online prices include shipping. Even if you are not a member of the church, you can still order from them online. In addition to bulk foods in #10 cans, you can also purchase mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. TIP: If you live close to a cannery, click here to find one, you can purchase additional dehydrated goods (we use the dried carrots and onions daily) at even cheaper prices. Again, you do not have to be a member to go but some centers prefer you attend with a member so just to be sure, call before you go.

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