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New baby chicks have arrived

new-chicks-march-2015-buff-orpington-black-australorpOur new baby chicks arrived this weekend and are making their temporary home in a brooder we have placed in our living room. This batch includes:

We raise chickens for both eggs and meat. These chicks will be layers for us.

Right now we have them on Nature Wise Chick Starter/Grower with a little chick grit mixed in. We’ve added apple cider vinegar to their water for nutrients and to help prevent pasty butt.

Once they are old enough to move out to their coop, they will free range as much as possible.

We still are expecting some Black Copper Marans in a few months, they are wildly popular this year so the hatchery has a long waiting listing for them.

Can’t wait to get these guys out in their new coop!

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