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Laying the floor in the new chicken coop

peel-stick-vinyl-tile-chicken-coop-floorI am so behind getting the coop updates posted!

The wind finally died down enough so we could finish getting the new chicken coop in working order. The chicks have AT LEAST tripled in size and are very eager to get the heck out of the brooder. And for sure, we are all sick of the smell!

To make clean up easier, we laid down vinyl tiles (the peel and stick kind) to the floor and inside of each nesting box. Now that these are all down, the girls can head outside tomorrow to explore the coop.

Speaking of “girls” it looks like one of our hens may actually be a cockerel. We loving nicknamed her “gargantuan” last week when we noticed she was considerably larger than the other chicks. They aren’t a month old yet so we can’t see any other visible signs “she” may be a “he” but it’s grown much rapidly than the others. Last night when our daughter picked her up, she made the strangest sound.

I guess we will find out for sure in another few months!

I am pretty sure our youngest will be very sad to have them leave the brooder. She is with them all day long, holding them, talking to them. She is their Mama… they adore her.

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