Heirloom vs. Hybrid Seeds

Heirloom Seeds

  • An open pollinated variety that has remained unchanged for 50 or more years
  • They reproduce through pollination (by bees, wind or other natural pollination sources)
  • They are considered “true” plants because they are exactly the same as their parent plants
  • Not generally as “uniform” as hybrid fruits, nor are they as predictable
  • Not bred to produce super varieties of blemish-less fruits

Hybrid Seeds

    • Hand pollinated, patented and are often sterile
    • May not reproduce true to the parent – means no saving seed
      • *Some hybrids will reproduce. Some will not.
    • Tends to produce faster than many open pollinated seeds
    • Originally bred for commercial growers for more fruit, longer storage, etc.
    • Better disease resistance
    • Greater productivity, and a more uniform fruit

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