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REVIEW: LDS Cannery Dehydrated Chopped Onion

Product Description

Finely chopped dehydrated onion. Available in #10 cans and 25 pound bags.

Our Review

This is one of my favorites from the LDS Cannery. I use it in EVERYTHING, and I mean it. Slow cooking meats, cooking rice, beans, vegetables – I add dehydrated onion in. I love the flavor of these. After opening a can, I empty it into a Tupperware storage container. Even months later, every time I open the container the smell has stayed great and potent.

My mother-in-law does not like these, she says they taste too sweet to her. I’ve had others taste test them in recipes and I’ve never had anyone else feel that way. But beware, if you are sensitive to different onion flavors, they may taste sweet to you.

Shelf Life

Sealed – 30 years, Opened – 1 year

Can says “Best if used within 6-8 years. Store in a cool, dry area for best results.”

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Not available for online purchase.

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