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In order to lawfully comply with FTC rulings regarding bloggers who are paid or compensated for their posts, the following is our affiliate and earnings disclosure policy….

1. does have direct affiliate relationships with some of the food storage companies reviewed on our website. We ARE NOT affiliates for any companies that we have not used ourselves. We are never influenced in our reviews by any form of compensation.

2. also receives compensation through third-party affiliate programs including Shareasale and Google.

3. We do not claim to be experts in food storage, gardening and/or livestock and we encourage our readers to do their own research before making any purchases.

4. On occasion we do link to products found at as WE BUY FROM AMAZON ourselves. Please note that we do receive a small compensation for any purchase made through those links.

Taking part in affiliate programs allows us to pay for expenses like domain registration and website hosting.

If you feel our website has helped you, we kindly ask you to click on one of our links before buying. With that said, clicking on ANY LINK or ANY BANNER is optional and not required to read our articles.

Thank you!

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