As a family of seven, our desire to be self-sufficient is a matter of both finances and genetics! Mr. Simple Survival Food was raised by a farmer and spent much of his youth out in the fields helping his own father. The Mrs. was raised by a hobby farmer who raised everything from cattle to peacocks.

Our “Simple Survival Food” strategy is as follows:

90-Day Supply
When you feed as many people as we do on a daily basis, it only makes sense to keep the pantry well stocked. Buying in bulk and shopping sales keeps the costs down. At any given time, we have AT LEAST a 90 day supply of the foods we normally eat. These foods are divided between the cupboards and the freezer.

Year Supply
Our next focus has been our year supply of food. All shelf-stable, this supply consists of a mix of canned foods and dry/dehydrated foods.

Long Term Supply
Our longer term supply is made up of buckets and #10 cans full of dehydrated and freeze dried foods. While we do rotate these supplies, these are packed for long term storage.

To supplement our food stores, we grow a garden each year with fruits and vegetables our family enjoys eating. In addition to enjoying fresh food throughout the summer, our garden also allows us to freeze and can foods for winter.

Small Livestock
Rabbits provide an alternative source of meat, while our Chickens provide both eggs and meat. Neither require much space or feed but provide a backup source of food if needed.

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